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The Entire Project

In 1989 the band released a very cute book entitled "Love Me" which summarized their beginning as a band. The book was charismatic, optimistic, and written from their perspectives; it was a rare glimpse into their world. There was hope to continue making music for many years in their words, wishing that those who listened to their music would understand and like what they created. It's only fitting that, two decades later, we reply to such a candid piece. This is what Love You is about; we're showing them that we have listened, we have followed, and we have been mesmerized by their music. This is our chance to tell them 'thank you,' or perhaps 'I appreciate you,' and share a little glimpse of our world with them. This is our chance to say what we thought a language barrier, distance, and time would never allow. So, won't you join?

A Book
A fifty-page, glossy papered, sophisticated book filled with your messages, your pictures, your fan art or whatever you'd like to show them.

One DVD featuring messages by you, covers by you, or whatever else you want to show them. This is your chance to show yourself, to have your voice heard.

Little Cards
Your creativity, handwriting, and passion condensed into 3"x5" cards that will be beautifully wrapped and packaged with the other gifts.

You don't have to be anyone special to join; you're not required to be a fan club member. You don't have to pay to participate. All you have to do is show the love in whatever way you're moved to. We'll take care of making sure that it gets to them.

Guidelines for Submissions

We will design the book pages, if you decide that you can't or won't make a page yourself. For those of you making your own page, please follow the simple rules below:

* Book dimensions are 8.5 inches wide and 11 inches tall. In pixels this translates to: 2550 w x 3300 h.
* If making your page digitally (or scanning it) please aim for 300 dpi (dots per inch) so that it can be printed and look good.
* Remember that the text will be translated so try to keep your message in visible form. If your background design is too busy, you can put a box below it in a lighter color like this example.
* Your message on the page must be in English. If you cannot write English well, email us at love.you.project[at]gmail.com with your original text (currently we're only able to translate Spanish to English) and we'll send back your message in English. This is mostly because the translators speak English. If you have any problems with your message, contact us immediately and we'll try to work something out.
* Please do not use official Buck-Tick images; we don't want to violate copyright.
* Scan or mail your entries. If you cannot scan, email us and we'll provide you with an address to send your submission to.

If you have other concerns, email us. If you want to send extra stuff for the band, please click here.

For those who want to have their designs made for them:

*Send your message in a text file, along with your name in the actual text file(the one you want credited.) * You can send up to a maximum of eight (8) photographs [including fan art]. Number your photos in order of importance so we know which ones you want to have in the project first. 1 indicates maximum preference and the largest number indicates least. This way, if we can't fit all we'll at least get the ones you wanted most on the page.
* If you have a real big color preference or reasonable request for your design, you may suggest it in your submission email. Please realize that we'll try our best to give you a nice page, but we can't guarantee to make it exactly how you want it.


* One page per person; two pages per group.
* Keep your words between 60 - 80 because they will be translated into Japanese for their ease of reading.
- All entries must be in English or Japanese. Keep your sentences simple [if written in English] to avoid missed meaning upon translation.
- Do not include member-specific adorations; it's fine to have a favorite band member, but this is for Buck-Tick as a whole.
- Do not write obscene content. Just because you make your submissions in Japanese, it doesn't mean we don't know what you're writing.
- Do not use any copyrighted quotes or anything that legally belongs to someone else (i.e. dedicate a piece of song to them).

* Photgraphs must be in good taste.
- You may not send any sexually explicit or suggestive photographs of yourself.
- We reserve the right to not use all pictures sent if they don't fit in your page.
- Send photographs in high quality. DO NOT SCALE DOWN.
- Only submit your fan art, as in made by you. Do not use any one else's artwork.
(Please note that your fan art will be printed with the book, so by submitting your original art to us, you give us permission to use it for print.)

Because this project is so big, it has its own link at the top navigation. Or click here for DVD specific guidelines and tips.

Write whatever you want, in any language [note: it will not be translated], and be assured it'll reach Buck-Tick. There's no limit to what you can send; greeting cards, post cards, etc.

* All cards must be mailed in. We will not print them out.
* Cards can be specific to members.
* Cards may not contain obscene, suggestive, or explicit material.

How To Submit

*If you are hand-making the page, please e-mail us for a USPS address to send the submission to.
*If you created you own page, please send them to us at love.you.project[at]gmail.com in either .psd (or whatever the original digital copy's extension is for your program) if you can. That way we can easily put in the translation. If that isn't possible please send as a .png. As a last resort, you may send a .jpg.

If you want us to create the page for you:
* E-mail your message in an attached text document (any format) to: love.you.project[at]gmail.com ((without the brackets))
* Zip your pictures and attach to the same email. [It's fine if you can't zip] Make sure your name is on the filename of the picture.
(Example: Your name is: Megan so your file name should be "megan1.jpg")

All entries must include the following information:
- Name (nickname is fine)
- Livejournal name (if applicable)
- Country
- Fish Tank Number (if applicable)

Why do you need my FT number?
To show Buck-Tick that International fans do join their fan club.

Click here for DVD specific guidelines.

Send us an email to love.you.project[at]gmail.com ((without the brackets)) and ask for the address so you can send your cards via postal mail.

If you have any questions or concerns, do not hesistate to email us @ love.you.project[at]gmail.com ! You can also check out our staff page to contact a specific member. Rest assured that this will reach the Fish Tank staff who will then handle it and give to Buck-Tick.


2.15.2009 is the final day we're accepting submissions.


Please realize that you do not need to invest money in order to participate in this project. Your donations will not be used to pay any staff member for their time but rather will be added to the cost of production that making this entire project will have. We only made this available because some people asked to be allowed to offer monetary support since they couldn't - for whatever personal reasons - otherwise contribute with entries.