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Outside Submissions

Some people have e-mailed us asking about sending in objects outside of the planned LOVE YOU project.

While we appreciate you going through the extra effort to show B-T love, we are NOT a mail service. It will already be quite pricey to send what we have planned to Japan as it is. Therefore, we may ask those who wish to add extra to contribute money to the project to help cover the shipping charge.

Please e-mail us and let us know anything you would like to add outside of your books/DVD/card submission and we discuss it with you.

E-mail: love.you.project[at]gmail.com
Subject: Outside Submissions

Thank you! We hope we can work something out to get your extra submission sent over as well.

For your convenience, you can donate through paypal:

All money donated will be used for the production and shipping of the project. No one is getting paid to work on this project.