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For a video 'how-to' please click here.

Here are the dos and donts as listed in the video:


- put the video in .avi or .mpeg format
- 2-5 minutes in length, no more than 15 megs in file size
- good lightning
- make sure lighting is in front of you or to the side (not behind you)
- wear light colors on a dark background, darker colors on a light background
- use your indoor voice
- use a tripod


- no shaking (use a tripod or other sturdy surface to take your video)
- no shouting/screaming (this ruins the audio and causes distortion)
- no nudity (we don't want to see the tattoo on your *ahem*. --This also includes suggestive gestures, body language and less than adequate clothing.--)
- no copyrighted material (This means if you wanted to make a montage of your fave B-T pvs, do not. Please resist. That is copyright infringement. --This also includes the use of music outside the B-T fandom.--)


When recording your video, please provide a transcription of what is said so that the DVD and translation team can make subtitles for your video.

If you would rather make your own subtitles, this is fine too.

For those speaking only Japanese on their video, please disregard the translation rule above.